Lakeshore Created Diamonds

Created Diamonds

A new twist on the original classic.

What is a Created Diamond?

Created diamonds are just like regular, geological diamonds, except they’re created in a flash of electricity in a lab! The chemical composition of created diamonds are the EXACT same as those found in regular diamonds, but for just a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can’t even tell the difference between a created diamond and a geological diamond! (Unless you have very expensive laboratory equipment.)

Created Diamond Manufacturing Process

The two most common ways to manufacture created diamonds are:

    1. High Pressure High Temperature Process (HPHT) – This process is nearly identical to the way geological diamonds are formed in the earth. A tiny diamond crystal is put into a chamber with carbon in the form of graphite and a metal catalyst. Under enormous pressure and very high temperature, the metal catalyst dissolves the graphite and the carbon atoms bond with the tiny diamond seed and grow into a bigger diamond. The tiny diamond seed can be a geological diamond or a created diamond.
    2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVC) – In this process, a diamond seed in a form of a square is put into a reactor with a combination of gases. With the help of a microwave gun, the gases are heated until they become plasma. (A state where the atoms are separated from one another.) The free carbon atoms are then deposited onto the diamond seed, thus growing new layers of diamonds on top of the seed. Once again, the diamond seed can be geological or created.


Why buy at Miner’s North?

Our top priority is delivering best-in-class quality. We ensure that all of our created diamonds are manufactured to the highest standards available. The main benefit of created diamonds is the unlimited creative potential! We guarantee we have the perfect diamond for you.