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Custom Jewelry Design:  Fun and Collaborative 

At Miner's North, you are included in every step of the custom jewelry design process.  Together, we will give your outdated brooch, misfit earring and worn ring a Jewelry Makeover. We'll also create a fresh design for you, with all-new gemstones and precious metals.
Our designers love seeing your excitement when your custom jewelry looks and feels exactly the way you imagined.  We offer the best in precision, custom design services, because:
We listen to you.  We ask a lot of questions and pay attention to your personal style, whether that's contemporary, classic or vintage.  Share your drawing with us, or we'll make one for you.
You see exactly what your custom jewelry will look like before it's made.  
* Thanks to the latest in cutting-edge computer software technology, you can view your life-sized (or larger) original design from all angles in 3D. You won't believe it's just an image.  Or, we will take photographs of existing designs and make changes to them as you watch.  You can even see how your gemstones will look in new settings.  In a hurry?  We'll email designs.
* We carve a wax model of your jewelry that you can hold in your hand.  
*  Our store has the area's largest selection of wedding sets, lots of picture books and photos of previous designs to give you inspiration. 
Our designers have over 60 years of combined custom jewelry expertise.
Bring us your unloved jewelry and your enthusiasm for a jewelry makeover, or share your vision for a completely new, custom-designed piece.  Then let our creative design genies work their magic.  You'll always get your wish.

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