The Lakeshore Diamond


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 At Miner's North the number one most important quality to us in a diamond is the Cut. A diamonds cut will determind its sparkle. The sparkle in a diamond is only able to be seen with the naked eye, not on a report or online. The higher a diamonds cut grade, the greater the stone's brilliance and sparkle. You'll be able to see the difference in sparkle and fire when you compare the Lakeshore Diamond to other round brilliant diamonds.

Two things we love at Miners's North are Diamonds and the beautiful fresh water of Northern Michigan. With our signature Lakeshore Diamond, we have combined the qualities of both. Most round brilliant diamonds have 58 facets. Facets are all of the angles on a diamond that reflect the light. In the picture below is an example of a standard 58 facet round brilliant cut diamond.


The Lakeshore diamond has 90 facets that gives it a combination of fire and brilliance like no other diamond in the world. The Lakeshore Diamond name comes from the inspiration we get from spending time on Lake Michigan and any of the beautiful inland lakes in Northern Michigan. There is nothing like being on one of the cleanest and clearest fresh water lakes in the world and seeing the sun shine down creating a glistening aura of spectral colors only able to be replicated in the Lakeshore Diamond.





The Lakeshore Diamond vs. Round Brilliant